Tuesday, 17 February 2015

“Fashion is not fashion without legs”

Slip on a great pair of tights and you’ll transform your outfit and your mood at the same time. Jonathan Aston tights have been around since the mid sixties and are known for working with fabulous designers such as Mark Fast.
Jonathan Aston is celebrating its 50th Anniversary with another amazing collaboration. British design legends Celia Birtwell and Zandra Rhodes have both designed collections for the hosiery specialists. I ran along to my favourite traditional restaurant Kettner’s to find out more. The hosiery designs from both designers are fantastic; they perfectly capture the prints and colours each woman is famous for.

Celia Birtwell said: “Jonathan Aston burst onto the scene at the same time as Ossie and myself started working together so it was a pleasure to be asked to celebrate Jonathan Aston’s 50th Anniversary.”

It was very exciting to meet the inspirational Zandra Rhodes, who said she had really enjoyed working on the collaboration. She has been a design hero of mine for a while, and it was really exciting to be taken through the tights installation by the designer herself. Zandra said:

“Fashion is not fashion without legs! The collection uses all my very special classic textiles and patterns – from peacock feathers and wiggles to chains with safety pins from my iconic punk collection of the 70’s.”

Zandra with a leggy model! It's important to coordinate

Celia Birtwell's collection moodboard

And the collection itself

A piece by Zandra Rhodes

Loved these peacock tights!

And socks

And this

I met my hero!

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Frankie Amoroso said...

I agree "Fashion is not fashion without legs!" and especially without wearing fashion tights on them.

Rule of Thumb: Fashion Tights Please!