Friday, 14 August 2015

A new regime with Vichy

I do love product launches. I love seeing all the shiny new bottles on display. I love the prospect of trying something new. I love finding out all the science and nature facts that make each cream, gel, lotion or powder the new ‘best thing.’ I especially love it when these products come from a brand I already trust, like Vichy. I’ve been using their products for a while now and honestly, my skin has never looked better.

Last week, at the Rook and Raven gallery in Soho, I attended a showcase of the latest Vichy products. Some bottles were futuristically displayed in tall vases of bubbly water. Some stood proudly atop their pillars and others were surrounded by stunning fresh flowers. The whole effect was quite breathtaking –nicer than some of the art I’ve seen in that gallery before!

Some of the Vichy product ranges have become quite familiar to me now, and I was excited to find out if there was anything new to try from the Dermablend range. I wrote about it back in April last year and have been especially please with the results I’m getting from the concealer and powder. The Dermablend counter was manned by famous make-up artist Claire Ray. With 18 years of experience belying her youthful appearance, Claire has painted the faces of Take That, Westlife and Sienna Miller and she’s Vichy’s brand ambassador for this year and next. Claire was really lovely to talk to and I fully trusted her when she colour-matched me to shade 15 for a Dermablend foundation. I can’t wait to try this, it should be arriving soon. I’ll keep you posted.

Since the event, I’ve been using Skin Sleep from the Idealia range at bedtime and the matching Smoothing and Illuminating cream after my double cleanse and serum in the morning. My skin feels lovely and soft. Twice a week, I smother a bit more on and leave Skin Sleep on as a mask at night.  The ‘double cleanse’ phase of my skincare regime is new – advice I received at the Vichy event. Now, I use a cream cleanser to remove my make-up and city pollution before removing my eye-makeup with my favourite oily Boots Botanics formula. Then, I wash my face again with Vichy Purete Thermale FreshCleansing Gel and pat dry. I just love that fresh face feeling.  

I’m going to put together a product review of my favourite new Vichy products soon, so you can treat yourself to something new and shake up your skincare regime too – I’m a firm believer in mixing things up to get the best results.

Products! Products!

I get colour matched by Claire Ray

Becky gets colour matched

The foundation I'm going to try

The amazing Vichy pharmacy in the Rook and Raven

Amazing products!

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