Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Grind Date

This has been the briefest of all my love affairs. It started off so well – all the signs were there, the increased heart rate, light sweat and feelings of light-headedness. I felt intensely happy as I felt the adrenaline rush wash over me.

Then I took Grind Carvela to meet my friends. Unfortunately this is where our love went from ‘honeymoon’ to ‘honey: doomed.’

You know that feeling when you simply adore someone and want everyone else you care about to as well? I had every emotion in spades but when I reached for the cool metal ankle chain and pulled the first shoe from its brand-new-smelling box I realised something was amiss. “They’re hooker shoes” came the shrieks – if people could have done, they would have run for the hills. It didn’t end there. “You’d, you’d wear them for work?” Shocked silence followed. “But, what about their rock-chick-inspired beauty and appeal?” I desperately pleaded, “What about the lovely craftsmanship and distressed leather?” Surely the mega platform and six inch heel were worth at least a hint of envy? It seemed not. The overwhelming advice seemed to be that I should return them immediately and thank myself lucky I hadn’t worn them outside.

Not without a fight. I took them home prepared to keep them but found my affection sullied. With men this would have translated into thinking that maybe his nose was a bit too wide or his bottom not quite right. In Shoeland this meant that the buckle I had before considered as pleasantly chunky now seemed oversized and vulgar. The polished, angular heel I had loved so much began to appear hard and, strangely, slightly evil. The clincher? I cannot walk in these shoes to save my life. I went to show my housemate (“look how long my legs look!”) but alas lost my balance and fell onto his bed in a pile of patent heel and chain. Far from appearing impressed he queried my motives, questioning my financial (and mental) stability. He couldn’t believe anyone sane had said that they liked them and I later confessed I had lied to trick him into maybe saying he did.

So this is it for me and Carvela’s Grind model. At least I’ll always have the memories (and some money returned to my debit card).

Here are some model shots of him and some general snaps of our time together: