Friday, 11 March 2011

Gilding the Lily

Look at Mulberry’s new ‘Jewelled Lily’ bag! So beautiful Mulberry fans!

Mulberry say:

The production of a Jewelled Lily is a concoction of hand-cut leather, classic Mulberry components, pots and pots of crystals and plenty of love, care and attention. The same style and size as the regular Lily made in natural leather, this version has that extra sparkle courtesy of 2596 Swarovski crystals and 460 manually applied Mulberry rivets. The cutting of the leather, applying of the crystals and rivets, and the finishing of the bag is all carried out in the UK and takes approximately 18 hours per bag. The delicate nature of attaching so many individual details means that no two bags are exactly the same, making the Jewelled Lily a truly exclusive addition to your Mulberry collection.

The Jewelled Lily is a limited edition piece and will retail for £3500.

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