Saturday, 14 January 2012

Aesop Opens in Soho

I first became familiar with Aesop when I tried their amazing Parsley Seed Cleanser. They’re currently celebrating their 25th year in business and are known for their ‘no muss, no fuss’, practical approach to skincare (and gorgeous monochromatic packaging). Each product is designed to target the skin’s specific needs without all the scientific hullaballoo that so many other brands boast.

Despite being vaguely familiar with the brand, I had never actually visited one of their shops, so when I was invited to visit their latest opening, I jumped at the chance. The location is really fab – it’s right in the heart of Soho (41 Lexington Street, to be exact) and is handily near one of the nicest coffee joints, Fernandez and Wells.

The design of the shop is bright and mildly clinical, but no so much that you feel like you’re making the place look untidy by being there! It has been designed by the sextet at Ciguë, the Parisian studio which also created Aesop Le Marais and Aesop Merci in Paris. All white enamel and stone, it’s worth visiting as an interiors lesson alone. Another nice thing about the shop? The staff are friendly and genuinely know their stuff. When faced with what seems like acres of very similar-looking glass bottles, it is easy to feel a bit bemused, but there’s always an expert to help guide you towards skincare perfection.

As I was there, it would have been rude not to try some of the brand’s new products! I came away with Petitgrain Hydrating Body Gel and Control. A light, toning gel, the gorgeous-smelling Petitgrain product is quickly absorbed into the skin and is perfect for soothing skin burned by the sun or recovering from a quick razor-job. I plan to keep mine in the fridge in summer and apply it after a long day at the beach (come on summer, hurry up!). I know the term gets bandied around a lot, but after using a few times, I would consider Control to be a ‘wonder product’. As someone who suffers from the occasional breakout, this anti-blemish gel is going to be a mainstay in my handbag. Containing Salicylic acid, Vitamin C and essential oils, it tackles your spots quickly, effectively and, most importantly, invisibly.

If there’s one thing my heaving bathroom cabinet does not need, it is more products but, as always, I am powerless to resist and intend to expand my Aesop collection in the future. Cool, stylish skincare that works – what more could you need? A bigger bathroom.

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