Sunday, 12 August 2012

Beau Bronz at Pure Beauty Fulham

I am afraid of many things (mice, heights, the eventual demise of books, a life without Ryan Gosling) but a damn good spritzing of fake tan is something I have never feared. With my friend Sarah, however, it is a different story. The prospect of being Tangoed filled her with dread as we headed to Pure Beauty in Fulham. “What if she makes me orange?” She quivered. I explained that Abi O knows more about tanning than anyone else on the planet. In an attempt to reassure her, I explained that Abi has tanned celebrities galore, including the entire cast of ‘Dancing on Ice’. She was still nervous but with her friendly nature and confidence, Abi quickly put Sarah at ease. She emerged less than 15 minutes later, a glowing, healthier version of herself. Less orange, more a rose golden shade, she looked like she had been on holiday for a week. I opted for a much deeper shade which elevated my existing holiday tan to what looked like I had been in the sun for three weeks rather than two. My skin glimmered and shone beautifully.
We were both given some products to take away. I used the Tan Booster the next day and found it a little bit too sparkly for work. I think it would be great for a night out though as it left my limbs glowing with a warm gold tint. Although it isn’t intended to be used in this way, I would be tempted to run a little through my hair too to give my highlights a bit more shine.
Used with a mitt, the Bronzed Goddess tanner left my skin brown and gleaming. I plan to be BeauBronz-ed well into winter – I just can’t give it up!
BeauBronz at Pure Beauty Fulham Limited
30 Filmer Road

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