Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mr Brainwash Debut UK Show

Ever since watching Banksy's Oscar nominated film, Exit Through the Gift Shop, I have been looking forward to see a Mr Brainwash exhibition. My time came last weekend when I noticed it 
advertised as my bus went past.
Held in the massive Old Sorting Office (where I have previously attended an event for Forever 21 and various fashion shows). The work was givenlots of space to breathe. I loved the majority of what I saw, from the bold, brash paintings to the humorous oversized taxi toy and huge cans of baked beans. Everything about this collection was larger than life, I definitely recommend a 
visit. It is free to get in and every visitor is given a poster and a postcard from the show when they leave; a really nice touch, I thought.
The artist has been accused of copying street artists from around the world. I believe there to be merit in these opinions but, say what you like about him, Mr Brainwash has succeeded in 
making art more accessible to all.

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