Sunday, 18 August 2013

Innocent Inspires: Taste

Wow, what an evening. What better location to talk about taste than a properly set table in a Clerkenwell’s Crypt on the Green. I left feeling happy, inspired and in dire need of a Rennie.

Some of the most influential, interesting people in the food business spoke. Some of my favourite pearls of wisdom came from the amazing Ms Marmite Lover, who spoke about hosting brilliant dinner parties. Here are some of the best!

 “Good taste is us imitating the aristocracy, pretending to be upper class”
“You want a loudmouth at your party”
“Invite a stranger and spread your circle”
“Get ready before you start cooking”
“Ask for help at the end”
“Don’t get too pissed”
“Never make pasta for more than 8 people”
“Theme your meals”
“Play with your food”
“Play restaurants in your house”

And these were the speakers:

Florence Knight, head chef at Polpetto
Pepper ice-cream
(Honesty and elegance to go)

Ms Marmite Lover, underground supper club queen
Posh marmite on toast with crispy seaweed
(Overt, excitable, funny)

Bombas Parr, jellymongers extraordinaire
I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly
(Eccentricity, enthusiasm, energy and intelligence)

Emilie Baltz, transatlantic food designer 
Demi fig avec vanilla pod
(Sexy, interesting, stylish. Bit of a girl crush, actually)

Ollie Dabbous, chef-owner of the game changing Dabbous
Oi Dabbous, where’s my steak?
(Down-to-earth, educational, looks a bit like Russell Brand when you look from the side)

To drink: A selection of yummy Innocent Smoothies and a Virgin Mary from Ms Marmite Lover.

Extras: Graze Box, dips from the Dip Society and Peppersmith mints.

Thanks for a scrummy evening Innocent! Learn more about Innocent Inspires and watch the videos here.

Tea towel invitation!

Mmm smoothie

Making new LONDON!

Brilliant design

Glam Florence Knight

Mmm pepper ice cream

Becky enjoys the evening

Wibbly, wobbly on the plate

Pasta: a spotter's guide (genius)

Very useful

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