Monday, 12 August 2013

The Wonders of Somerset House

Last Saturday, I went to see not one, not two, but three wonderful exhibitions at Somerset House! Hope you enjoy my mini reviews of each one.

elBulli: Ferran AdriĆ  and The Art of Food
05 July 2013 - 29 September 2013

When I heard about this exhibition about ‘The best restaurant in the world’, I wondered how on earth they would portray it without any tasters! It’s brilliantly curated, with videos embedded into the timeline on the wall, Plasticine models and incredible photography. Any foodie would enjoy this. I was blown away.

Miles Aldridge: I Only Want You to Love Me
10 July 2013 - 29 September 2013

Fashionistas will love this fabulous exhibition of photographer Miles Aldridge’s work. Bold, bright and colourful, immaculate models stare into the middle distance, encouraging us, according to the plaque, to imagine what is happening in their lives. It sounds silly, but I even found the wall colours inspirational! The make-up was incredible too, which would explain why Mac was one of the sponsors.

Print Club London
01 August 2013 - 21 August 2013

Although this was actually the reason I went to Somerset House in the first place, it was my least favourite of the three exhibitions. Somerset House and Film4 teamed up with Dalston-based studios Print Club London to curate a screen printed poster exhibition in the newly opened West Wing Galleries. There were only 16 ‘new and original screen prints’ to choose from, inspired by each of the films screened this year. The prints have been produced in limited editions of 200, signed by the artist and are available to buy at £40 each. As we all know, art is subjective, but I didn't see anything to my taste.

Word to the wise:

If you’re seeing more than one exhibition (elBulli and Miles Aldridge, for example) you can get something called a ‘Joint Ticket’ which makes things cheaper. I’m so impressed with Somerset House that I’m actually considering becoming a member. I’m planning to go back for the ‘Blumenfeld Studio: New York, 1941–1960’ exhibition; I’ll let you know how I get on. That one’s on until September 1st.

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