Monday, 27 January 2014

Prime Those Lids

Having greasy eyelids could be seen as a blessing or a curse. Blessing? Fewer wrinkles for longer. Curse? Unaided, any kind of eye make-up will slide across you face in a matter of hours. If I apply liquid eyeliner in the morning, it will have transferred onto my upper lid by lunchtime. I have tried expensive eyeliners and inexpensive but the results are always the same, even if I prime the lid with concealer and face powder.

I hadn't tried primers before, but was very impressed with the results; I used an Yves Saint Laurent liquid liner throughout to ensure a fair test. I took a photograph at the beginning of the day and one at lunchtime so you could see how well each one worked on me.  I have also tried all of these primers with just eye shadow and mascara and found them to perform very well indeed - I'm not sure how I ever survived without eye primers!

This was the first primer I tried and it worked fantastically well. It made my eyelids feel velvety and evened out the tone as well as making my liner stay very well. I actually went to the gym before I took this photo, would you believe it? Prime Time is also available in colours – ‘Sundance’ is a gorgeous shimmery pink, effectively doing two jobs in one!

A nice neutral beige colour with a sleek, soft finish. Good results (it was very hot in the office on this day - it actually performed much better than it looks in this pic!) and chic packaging to boot.

Amazing retro packaging made this primer stand out from the rest and it performed too. It felt very light when I applied it and I did doubt its grease-defending ability from this! My fears were unfounded and it was one of the best I tried.

For something a bit different…

I loved the concept of these fun eyeliner alternatives and tried them out on New Year’s Eve. If you’re good at applying false eyelashes, you’ll have no problem with these. If your eyelids are particularly greasy (like mine!) then you may want to take a small tube of eyelash glue with you in case they stop sticking; especially if you’re out for the night. They come in lots of different shapes – really fun to experiment with.

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