Saturday, 25 January 2014

How to Solve a Problem like January

Okay, so just a reminder that we still can’t smoke, eat naughty food, drink or spend any kind of money…January is seriously dragging! There’s only a just over a week left but here are some free, healthy January activities to relieve resolution-induced pain and get you through next week:

1.       Marvel at your new (and still relatively clear) diary (Mine's in positive canary yellow from Aspinal)

2.       Watch the new series of Girls, then talk about it

3.       Have a nice hot bath with the window open – instant Icelandic experience without the cost or travel hassle!

4.       Freeze a banana and eat it; a bit like white chocolate. A bit.

5.       Try to create new outfits from old stuff –sell anything you don’t want on eBay

6.       Take to Pinterest and create a ‘Dream Board’ of everything you want for the future (make it ‘Private’ if you fancy).

7.       Have a bloody good clearout

8.       Go and see a free exhibition – it might inspire you to do something creative!

9.       Make tons of soup and freeze it

10.   Indulge in some D.I.Y pampering , using up the ‘ends’ of things (face mask, nails, hair dye, fake tan, ANYTHING)

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