Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sale Shopping Reluctance

I haven’t really hit the high street sales in a big way this year. There are a few good reasons for this:

1. The weather is hideous
2. The hideous weather will make my fringe gross
3. I would have to leave my new electric blanket
4. Shopping is tiring
5. I’m too fat from Christmas and am very afraid nothing will fit me

All good points, I think you’ll agree. HOWEVER: I am a bargain lover and would hate the high street to suffer because of my reluctance. With this in mind, I have scoured the internet for the best bargains of the moment. In my pyjamas, natch. 

Because the sparkle must continue. 

Er. are these gym-appropriate? Who cares, they’ll make me look cool. 

Zara Leopard Blazer now £30 (was £59)

I sucked it up and actually ventured into Zara Marble Arch to unearth this beauty. Be warned: Zara’s sizing is beyond mental and you will need a size XXL if you are a UK 12 like me. 

Staying (as ever) on the leopard theme, I discovered this…so wrong it’s right. 

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