Friday, 22 May 2015

Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

Every year Clerkenwell is transformed into a humming hive of design. I was invited for a tour of the major sites and enjoyed seeing some of the clever furniture, interesting fabrics and bold installations. I could waffle on for ages about angles and post-modernism (sigh) for a while, or I could just show you some pretty pictures. Here you go:

I loved this cool installation, 'Glaze' by Cousins & Cousins in partnership with Gx glass. It was inspired by Venetian Murano glass

So pretty and colourful!

There were several sites around Clerkenwell that you could go and see - bit like a design-y treasure hunt of joy


Monotype put on an outdoor exhibition which "celebrated the way type design permeates and enhances our world." It looked really interesting... 

...And you can use the first letter of your name as your profile pic - yay!

This was where that was

Love this bear by Jimbobart


Triangles - nice

Want if I ever own a house


Loves me a bit of macrame

Wish I was allowed more cushions in my house - they get in the way, apparently 

I'm not allowed to draw on the walls either


Sponsored by Renault so there were cars there

This light was amazing

If you want your house to look like a circus

Or if you want your house to look like a garden from the inside

so colourful! Nice one Johnson's tiles

Things like this surrounded Clerkenwell, kind of like a Roman city

Such gorgeous folders and press info

Got such a thing about palms at the moment

Talking about perspex brains, probably

Find out more about Clerkenwell Design Week here:

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