Thursday, 28 May 2015

Watch this Space

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m in a complete watch rut. After chopping and changing between various chunky Baby-Gs and funky Swatches in my younger years, a while ago I invested in a gorgeous tortoiseshell Michael Kors number with a chocolaty pearlised face and discreet ‘diamonds.’ I’m a brunette so it goes with everything I wear. It also has a strong whiff of leopard print about it, which I tend to enjoy. As a result of this, I have not felt the need to chop and change between timepieces. Until now.

When I first saw Abbott Lyon watches, I got so excited! They are so sleek and polished-looking. They also, in my opinion, look far more expensive than their starting RRP pricetag of £119 would suggest.

Abbott Lyon is a British brand and the company prides themselves on simple, handcrafted, stylish watches. They’ve become something of a favourite with British celebs, especially the Made in Chelsea set.

So I’m definitely getting one but which to go for? I love the Hermes-like orange and white combo of this one but then this one’s candy pink strap is great for the summer. Maybe I’ll get two – it’s nearly my birthday after all. Which will you choose?

Have a browse at

Love how classic this one looks

This would go with everything

And this is so summery and fun!

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