Monday, 23 November 2015

Label.m Fashion Fix - the Bardot

I’ll admit it – I’ve fallen into the ‘boring hair’ trap. Day in and day out, I blow-dry the front and leave the rest to air dry, occasionally scraping it into some sort of bun, depending on my energy levels that day. 

But with Christmas parties fast approaching, it’s time to start paying attention to my hair and find some new ways to shake up my routine. Label.m have created ‘Fashion Fix’ kits that contain everything you need to create a current look. With clear instructions on the back of the box, copying the hair look feels incredibly simple. I tried the Bardot and was so happy with the results. I think these would make amazing Christmas presents for any girl looking to shake up her routine. Look out for my impending trial of the Nouveau Knot - I'm saving that one for my first festive bash!

Wash and use the Volume Mousse

Rough dry - already the volume is getting there!

Put the lower half into a low pony and backcomb the top section

I pulled mine out a bit to make it bigger - don't look at my greys!

Pin the top section around the pony with the grips in the kit

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