Saturday, 31 January 2009

Fiendishly Great Telly

Very thin, very attractive ‘teenagers’? Check. Fashion so exclusive and pricey that Ivana Trump may baulk at buying? Check. Hot men for every age group? Big ol’ check. The new 90210 meets and then surpasses every requirement for the perfect American Teeniecom. Aside from the Hills it’s actually the best terrible TV I have seen for a very long time. Fashion Slant prediction? That fringed bob (pictured below) with feature on most heads very soon…

If you fancy some Americana, look at a TV on Monday at 9pm when it’s shown on E4-lets face it, aside from lamenting the end of the weekend, what else would you do?

I sensed my flatmate getting slightly uncomfortable when I started taking pictures but what the hell, here you go:

Cheesy fun for all the family!

Hot mama

Charmingly eccentric, mildly alcoholic gran? Check.

Angst-fueled romance? Oh yeah.

Sandwich anyone?

The bob

The bob in action


Seriously, if this dude was my teacher I would have 100% attendance. Yum yum.

Two words, on of them "yes" and the other one "please"

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