Tuesday, 20 January 2009

I Heart DKNY

After getting lost for a while, myself and my friend Olivia approached London's Centre Point (a very tall, yet very ugly building near Tottenham Court Road) with a certain degree of trepidation. 'Not exactly the most glamorous of locations', I sniffed (the January blues have well and truly kicked in!). Luckily, the reasons behind the location choice became clear as we went up the ear-poppingly high escalator and walked into a large room with an almost 360 degree view of London at night. It was truly breathtaking: I even put my Cosmo (and champagne flute!) down to take some pictures.

All of this lovely NY-feeling action was in aid of DKNY launching their new men’s fragrance the (un)imaginatively titled 'DKNYMEN.' It comes in a cool bottle shaped like the Flatiron building in New York.

The scent is good-I like to wear men’s fragrances sometimes, another men’s one I like is Vetiver by Creed-though sadly costing around £100 a go this is a little much for me (and my cash-strapped pockets!) at the moment. Notes of bergamot and mandarin mix with mmm-manly sandal and cedarwoods in this fresh scent. This new smelly will be launched nationwide from 11th March 2009 (exclusively in Debenhams). DKNYMEN will cost around £35.25 for a 50ml bottle.

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Helen-LG said...

Sounds like a great location for the launch event and like a delicious blend of scents!