Monday, 12 January 2009

A Very Crafty Sunday

Bored of whiling away my precious Sunday afternoons in front of the idiot box, I began to consider other potential pursuits. My friend Jayne had the perfect solution: Crafternoon. What could be lovelier than spending Sunday afternoon with your closest, delightfully creative friends? Snubbing money-gobbling pub roasts and tirelessly terrible TV, we whipped out our pens, pencils and inks and got to work.

For the debut Crafternoon, we took inspiration from an exhibition I had read about in December’s fantasy edition of Vogue (did anyone else love this as much as me?!)
The Dulwich Picture Gallery featured an exhibition entitled: ‘What are you Like?’ last December. The collection had been inspired by the Victorian game of describing yourself with images of your favourite things: basically a self-portrait.

45 people in the public eye (including Quentin Blake, Andrew Marr, Brian Eno, David Shrigley, Donald Urquhart, Eric Clapton and Jack Penate) were asked to illustrate their 8 favourite things from a list of 12. Here are the questions so you can join them as we did!

What is your favourite:-

-Item of clothing
-Pair of shoes
-Pet aversion (which creature do you love to hate?!)

Don’t be limited by this list, try to think of some questions of your own. We wondered about each others favourite smells, items of underwear (!), shoes and drinks! I have put a picture of our list underneath the Vogue article.

We got some varied results (shown below) and had a lovely day to boot.

Crafternoon Suggestion: invite a friend who is good at baking or ask everyone to bring their favourite treat, then you can combine the activities with diet sabotage!


Christina Sanders said...

Aww, your craft afternoon sounds so lovely!

I tagged you on my blog. Check it out :)
lots of love x

Anonymous said...

Love the idea! I'll have to try it out someday soon!!! Love the blog xx