Sunday, 18 January 2009


Some things are just worth the wait, others are worth the wait and staying up late for. Lady Gaga falls into the latter category. An exotic hybrid, this new superstar has the looks of a spectacularly beautiful transvestite, better moves than Britney, a voice to rival Christina’s, the creative intrigue of Gwen Stefani and the stage presence of a sprightlier Madonna.

Since buying her ladyship’s debut album, The Fame, I have listened to very little else. What’s the point? No other song is as camp-tastic as ‘Let’s Dance’ (number 1 in the charts for the second week running). Nothing else gets me strutting to work like ‘Beautiful, Dirty, Rich.’ I wail like a banshee to ‘Paparazzi’ and can happily dance the night away to the beat of ‘Poker Face.’ This recent obsession is what kept me waiting outside the gates of Heaven (in Charing Cross) for well over an hour. It was pure album-adoration and, squeezed into some kind of sweaty-man-sandwich, I cautiously nodded my head (the only part of my body I could move) in time to the beat, Canon Ixus gripped firmly in hand and pointed straight towards the stage.

After security had managed to scrape the last gyrating topless man from the stage, Gaga was introduced with instructions. We were not to make any noise during the ‘video installations.’ Diva warning bells started to sound. Luckily, these clips weren’t too taxing and gave Gaga the chance to change into another ‘Zena Warrior Princess’ type get-up. In a kind of Warhol-esque parody, Gaga played a character named ‘Candy’ who, for some reason kept announcing that parts of her body had been removed. I’m sure the dancers were glad of the break. Crotch-thrusting and marvellous, they really upped the energy levels and, let’s face it, gave the crowd something nice to look at.

Gaga looked great too. She designs most of her costumes herself and certainly isn’t shy about showing a bit of leg. Her Donatella Versace look caused controversy last year when papers were quick to see similarities in Christina Aguilera’s. Funny no one has noticed how close she is to the first lady of Italian fashion. PVC, patent and monochromatic costumes all added to her slick performance and reminded me that it was about time I bit the bullet and dug out my patent trousers again. Confident and sassy, Gaga worked the crowd further up into a sweaty, fainty climax.

It must have got too much for the singer herself: before the end of the set, she weakly announced ‘I don’t feel too good’ and stumbled off stage. If she was doing it for effect then it didn’t really work: people started to leave the scrum almost immediately. Just seconds later she bounced back onto the stage to perform ‘The Fame.’ G.A.Y presented her with a cake and announced that she was number 1 once again. All hail the new Queen of Electro Pop. Long may she reign.

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