Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Going Down: Invite Auto-messaging

The only thing more inwardly humiliating than a revoked show ticket request is a repeatedly revoked ticket request. Okay, I understand that I am too much of a lowly blogger to sit front row and scribble notes with the best of them. I get it. But, thanks to some kind of Show Ticket Request Auto-reply function, I am reminded of it nearly every day! Take heed Topshop Unique and Emilio de la Morena (oh yes, I’m naming and shaming), much as I loved you I will think twice about attending in future, even when I am properly invited. To all the companies that are digitally-savvy and welcome instead of reject bloggers like me (Mulberry, all of the designers under Blow PR), I salute you and you will be rewarded with more coverage than I can shake my fashionable wand at.

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