Friday, 10 September 2010

Vogue’s Fashion Night Out

A glamorous party-goer at Armani
Gemma Arterton and me at Armani

Tara is blurry at Burberry
Tara gets her make-up done at Mulberry

I’ve done a fair bit of pub crawling, night-capping and drinking in general but shop-hopping? That was a first. The whole of New Bond Street was all abuzz last night with leggy fashionistas practically tripping over each other along the length of it. It was Vogue’s Fashion Night Out. Top spot? Walked past Alexandra Shulman on the street (and got very over-excited)! Here’s the route I took: MaxMara, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Mulberry, Armani. And here’s the lowdown on what happened at each one:


A classy, classic affair which led me to want a camel military coat very badly indeed. Top styling note? Long over the knee grey socks with sequined dresses – lustworthy indeed.

Champagnes drunk each: 1.5

Ralph Lauren

A shop I had never previously visited as I thought it would be a bit too stuffy. It was a tad but there were drinks on every floor which helped alleviate the tension. My fellow Vogue Night Outer, Tara and I giggled like naughty school girls as we tried on sunglasses that were way too expensive for us.

Champagnes drunk each: 2 (and 1 disappointingly non-alcoholic drink of grapefruit and lychee- surprisingly good)


Very lavish with Bramble cocktails, champagne and Elderflower drinks. Christopher Bailey was there and was being incredibly charming to everyone accosting him! Tara and I played ‘Guess Which Burberry Shoe I Love’ and ate approximately one million canapés. A form of the Aviator Jacket was there which was pretty exciting.

Champagnes drunk each: 1 (and a bramble)


Lots of fun. There was a prize draw to win Mulberry goodies and ‘face-painting’ which was actually a place where you could go and get your make-up applied expertly! There was a karaoke machine upstairs which caused me to remember and cringe many times the following day. Guests included Ben Grimes, Edie Campbell and Jade Parfitt.

Champagnes drunk each: 2


This was actually a private party and Mr Armani himself made an appearance along with Dominic Cooper, Jonathan Rhys and Danny Cipriani. We drank more champagne and I had my photo taken with Gemma Arterton (who is even more gorgeous in real life – lovely girl too).

Champagnes drunk each: 2

We then hit Cuckoo Club when we really shouldn’t have (it was a school night after all!). Much fun was had, dancing about with inappropriate men and such. Vogue’s Fashion Night Out was just like every Fashion Week party rolled into one. Looking forward to next year!

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