Friday, 22 October 2010

Britain's Next Top Model Live Update

Well, the photos still won't upload but I have looked around the exhibition and have visited lots of the stands. Models 1 has a sort of portable New Faces booth and (according to handsome Jo who works there) there have been lots of pretty model hopefuls through their doors already. Some of the beautiful girls from the show were hanging out when I was there.

Urban Outfitters are showcasing their latest wares and giving away rather delightful goody bags.

Max C has a stand here too which I am trying hard to resist (I am not supposed to be shopping at the moment).

Am currently sitting in the airstream and munching a rather delicious cupcake by G Desserts, a cupcake in a jar! I want all my food from a jar in future. Perhaps to be a baby again. I am swilling the sugar down with more sugar, a Tia Maria cocktail - wrong at 2.10? You decide.

It's fun here, sort of like a model-focussed version of The Clothes Show Live (comparisons are inevitable). There are lots of things to see, do and buy and most of the people here look like they could strut their stuff on any catwalk!

Next stop is another breeze around the exhibitions. I will gather lots of info and take lots more snaps to upload later.

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