Monday, 4 October 2010

Total F$#*ing Losers

Sometimes I wish I was a little more daring. I received this letter from Mike Brown ahead of the strike today:

Dear Miss Pal,

I am writing to let you know that the RMT and TSSA unions have called a 24 hour strike on the Tube next week. If the strike goes ahead, there is likely to be disruption to Tube services from early evening on Sunday 3 October and throughout Monday 4 October.

We will keep as many stations open as possible and will run as many trains as we safely can. Please check before you travel to see how services are affected.

We expect all other TfL services, including London Overground, DLR and Tramlink, to run as normal, but they may be busier than usual. In addition, extra Bus and River services will be in operation. Cycling or walking may also be practical options for many.

For the latest information and help planning your journeys, visit

Yours sincerely,

Mike Brown
Managing Director
London Underground

And immediately wrote this in a sarcasm-imbued fury:

Dear Mike,

It would be infinitely more practical if you refrained from striking again but thanks for the notice. I will prepare myself to place my face in multiple human crevices on Monday morning, I do so enjoy paying for this consistent service.

Kind regards,


Alas I did not have the balls to send it. It took me nearly three hours to get to work this morning and I am limbering up for a two hour walk home (I simply cannot face another bus or train).


Richard Pal said...

Just send it! worst they can do is nothing! man up.

Vicky Shepherd said...

I have a solution: come and live in Brighton. We have a most excellent bus system where passengers smile and say thank you to the driver. It's really rather civil. xxxxx