Friday, 22 July 2011

Bic ‘Just Live Your Summer’ Party – Wednesday 20th July

Bic’s summer party provided welcome relief from the horrific weather in London! An oasis of colour and fun in Covent Garden, there were vibrant cocktails, those nibbly Garra Rufa fish pedicures, Zumba trials and a colour analysis corner.

I passed on Zumba (too high heels, more interested in cocktails and chatting!) and the nibbly fish (I’m super ticklish and didn’t want to flood the venue by kicking water everywhere) but both were fun to watch.

My favourite bit of the evening was the Colour Me Beautiful consultation with the lovely Angi Jones. Angi held lots of different coloured swatches to see what suited. Some were not surprises (I already love wearing electric blue, for example) but I’ll definitely be trying to wear more chocolate and green! If you want to have a colour analysis with Angi, it costs £125 and you get a wallet of swatches to take away with you – it’s a worthy investment in style! You can book an appointment with her through her website:

On another note, I shaved my legs with the Soleil Bella shaver this morning and my pins have never felt smoother – let’s just hope this weather improves so we can get them out more!

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