Monday, 4 July 2011

How Fabulous!

Sarah (of and I made our heady debut in Fabulous Magazine lately. We're the ones in the circle and yes, I am the one grabbing for a canape as if my life depended on it. Classy.

We received our fifteen minutes for attending a blogging event at Fabulous HQ. It was great fun; we got our hair and make-up (they used MUA products) done, dressed up in New Look threads (in honour of their Style the Nation TV program) and then took part in a fashion show. I had one too many and began to think various one-legged poses would be a good idea. They were not, obviously. I will leave these shots to your imagination and leave you with some (slightly) more sedate images.

Sarah and a cupcake

Bianca and a cupcake

The cupcakes before being eaten

We pose

Crazy LCF/New Look collaboration shoes

Bloggers listen intently

Lots of lovely MUA make-up (it's really good and really cheap - you can buy it in Superdrug!)

Saz gets her make-up done

The finished result

Blue steel

Posing in New Look clothes

More posing in New Look clothes


Oh dear. I must've thought I was Jordan for a second there!

Attempting the classic 'Alexa' pose.

The lovely ladies that work at Fabulous

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