Saturday, 16 February 2013

Lee Garrett at Freedomhealth

Distressed with my dull, spotty, February complexion, I made an appointment with skin expert Lee Garrett (RN BSc) to see what he could recommend.

Based on London’s Harley Street, Lee has been working at Freedomhealth since 2002 and is fully qualified as an Aesthetic Nurse. He specialises in all aspects of laser aesthetics, (acne scarring, facial rejuvenation and microlaser peels) dermal fillers and facial reconstructing, anti wrinkle treatments and chemical peels.

The session started with a consultation. Lee asked me about my skin concerns (acne, oiliness, the scary appearance of fine lines) and my skin history (spots for as long as I can remember, varying degrees of bad). I have seen NHS doctors about my skin and have also gone private when things felt more desperate. This was the first time I have felt that someone was really listening to my skin concerns. When you suffer with acne, no matter how serious, it can be very frustrating to be recommended something instantly, or to feel like you are being ‘rushed through’.  Lee listens, and then uses his expertise and treatments to garner the best possible results.

I opted for microdermabrasion, a rejuvenating, exfoliating treatment designed to clear dead skin cells and encourage cellular renewal. Lee warned me that the treatment can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable, but I personally liked feeling like the aluminium oxide was doing its exfoliating work.

After microdermabrasion, my skin looked instantly better – more glowy and even.  I was worried that it might look a bit red, but actually it was fine, I was back at work (albeit make up free) an hour afterwards. Lee gave me some SkinMed products to try and recommended that I trial a more pared back approach to my skincare for the next six months. I’ve only been using a cleanser, treatment gel and spot treatment since last Tuesday and already my skin looks amazing (more on SkinMed soon). I can’t believe the difference and friends have been saying how well I look. It just goes to show: acne treatment and skincare is best left to the professionals.  

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