Monday, 9 September 2013

Wipe Away Your Day

One of the best things about going on the tube in London is removing the accumulated grease, grime and smog after a commute. Arguably, this is the ONLY good thing about the tube. 

I like to experiment with different cleansing methods; sometimes I like a good gel cleanser/water rub, occasionally I enjoy a deeply exfoliating scrub. If the journey has been particularly grueling, or I’m just too darn knackered from work, I put my pyjamas on the second I get through the door and reach for my face wipes. 

The new ‘Cleansing Wipes for blemish-prone skin’ from Murad are the perfect answer to my lazy cleansing needs. According to the packaging, they are ‘Clinically proven to keep skin clear by removing dirt, bacteria and pore clogging oil’. They make your skin feel fresh, clean and tingly. My only criticism would be that they feel a bit harsh to use on the eye area. It wouldn't stop me from buying them, though and I’m going to be taking these everywhere; especially whenever I travel. 

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