Saturday, 2 November 2013

Levi's #makeourmark

Earlier this month we attended the Levi's party,’ A journey to the modern frontier' at Oval Space. Oval Space is a fairly new venue nestled in between an old gas works on Hackney Road and has quickly become one of the hottest music venues in town.

It was the perfect choice of venue then for Levi’s to launch their new #makeourmark campaign in collaboration with Ghostpoet, Koreless and Alex Turvey.

The event was full of young hip twenty something's and definitely felt like the place to be (you should have seen the queue!) More queues when we got in (cocktails were free after all) so we got as many drinks as we could carry. We stood near to the DJ booth which was set against a changing backdrop that had changing projections on it. Very cool.

#makeyourmark is a project by Levi's to unearth groundbreaking talent and is described as 'a pioneering collaboration in words, sounds and vision'. The night at Oval Space was a chance to see the collaboration between Ghostpoet and Koreless. I've seen both of these guys before so I was really looking forward to seeing them in this venue.

Everything built up to their set which was excellent. It was a fun evening where drinks and music were aplenty and it cemented Levi's status as a still-very-cool brand. 

(Thanks to guest blogger: Becky Barraclough)

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