Thursday, 8 May 2014

Bronze Buffer Erases Your Tanning Mistakes!

Ladies and well-groomed gents, our dreams have come true. No longer need we endure orange wrists and dirty looking toes. Thanks to ‘Bronze Buffer’, streak-free, sun-free tans are finally OURS. It looks just like a cosmetic sponge, but works quite differently, removing excess product rather than applying it. There are no added ingredients or chemicals; it’s just a clever little sponge with the power to erase your tanning mishaps. 

I was invited to chat about tanning with inventor of the Bronze Buffer, Paige Herman-Axel, tanning expert James Read and the beauty experts of BeautyMart. It was great fun and I left feeling so convinced by the buffer that I immediately fake tanned when I got home (a few proseccos down). The results were amazing and I went into work the next day looking naturally golden with a flawless looking tan. You get two Bronze Buffers for £10.00 and they can be used a few times (depending on how much tan you need to remove each time). 

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Carly Jade said...

This looks perfect for me! I'm not the best at applying tan and there are always some slips up somewhere!