Monday, 26 May 2014

#inmyelement with Timberland

You know that feeling when you really want to do something creative but just can’t seem to make yourself start something? I know this feeling well. Fortunately, Timberland was on hand to scratch my growing creative itch. It’s not everyday you are offered the chance to make your own skateboard, and I headed to their Autumn/Winter ’14 showcase feeling very excited indeed. 

Timberland took over a large warehouse space on Worship Street (East London) transforming it into a creative pace to ‘bring versatility, craft and style together’. To celebrate the season’s ‘outdoors in the city’ theme, the brand hand-picked four stylish Londoners to teach guests the tricks and intricacies of their trade. We were divided into teams and broke off to the different craft areas.

My team started with the barbecue. Christian Stevenson (A.K.A DJ BBQ) took us for a spin on the Weber Barbecue, teaching us how to make a ‘Juicy Lucy’ burger with cheese in the middle. The quality of the ingredients he used made a massive difference as did the tips we collected along the way. Top tip: Stick a can of beer (only about a quarter full) up a chicken’s behind and it will steam it from the inside. Simply season it and cover with the barbecue lid. DJ BBQ had plenty of experienced people to help him out, including a charcoal supplier to London’s top restaurants and a sous chef from Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa restaurant in St Pauls (it’s amazing there - a bit pricy but very delish). Of course, we were able to eat what we prepared and I have to say, the results were quite spectacular. I also picked up some great ideas of where to eat meat next; apparently Pitt Cue and the Ember Yard are well worth a visit. 

Our second stop was the skateboard-designing station! We learnt how to screen print and were left with colourful Sharpie pens (my favourite pens) to come up with our own designs. This was my favourite station; it was very rewarding to see everything come together and work with the talented people from Inky Fingers. Admittedly, I have not given my new skateboard an outing yet; too many cocktails were consumed on the night and we all secretly know that the Bank Holiday was invented for getting drunk and then sleeping/watching telly all day. 

My group took on wood-aged spirits on the next stand, learning all about their history and taste from the ‘Thinking Drinkers’. They’re performing at the next Edinburgh Fringe festival so get your ticket if you haven’t already. Did you know that Whiskey was invented by the Irish? No, I didn't either. Johnnie Walker made their bottles square so they were easier to pack and saved on breakages. All very interesting and tasty to boot. I loved Buffalo Trace. 

Our final stop was a DJ workshop. We used professional Pioneer DJ equipment to spin some tracks. Who knew I could scratch? I don’t think Goldierocks has anything to worry about just yet though. 

It was great to attend such a fun, creative event and I love that Timberland is encouraging people to get outdoors in the city. I promise to do exactly that, post-Bank Holiday. 


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