Monday, 19 May 2014

Sally Love

I remember the first time I went into a ‘Sally’. Think ‘kid in a candy store’, who’s had coffee, combined with some pent up shopping aggression. Suffice to say I was pretty excited. So many hard-to-find or unusual products in one place! And not too pricey either. I haven’t looked back since. Here’s my round up of Sally’s latest offerings:

The Wet Brush £8.99 
I was sceptical about the Wet Brush – it looked just like an ordinary brush, so how could it deliver a finish as good as my beloved Tangle Teezer (also stocked by Sally)? I washed my hair, towel dried and held up the brush, anticipating pain and tugging. It glided through without so much as a wince. I stand corrected! It also has a handle (unlike the Tangle Teezer) making it easier to control, especially in the morning when I drop and spill things all over the place. In my opinion, it’s the superior product for longer locks.  No wonder it’s the number 1 detangling brush in the US.

The Perfectionist Exfoliating Body Scrub (250 ml) £10.88
Anyone who has dabbled with fake tan on unbuffed skin understands how hideous orange patches can appear. The new Tan Truth exfoliator is very effective (it contains jojoba oil) and has small grains so it doesn’t feel too rough on the body. It’s also bright pink and therefore looks rather fabulous in any bathroom.

I used to wear my lashes so thick that my poor eyelids struggled to hold them. These days, I favour a slightly more natural approach. I still love long lashes, though (I use Volume de Chanel daily) and at night time I love to turn up the drama. Salon Systems have launched ‘Naturalash’ which, as the name suggests, are false lashes designed to give a natural look. They’re much easier to apply that big thick ones too! 

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