Friday, 18 September 2009

1971 Reiss Launch Party

I adore Reiss – their exquisite tailoring and expertly-chosen fabrics make for covetable threads which are perfect for workwear and cocktail parties alike. The latest addition to the brand is a range named ‘Reiss 1971’ which takes Reiss into a rockier realm that works really well: it’s a little bit twenty8twelve with a touch of Acne Jeans – my friends and I couldn’t get enough of the neat leather jackets and loose dresses. A pale lilac feathered gilet also seriously took my fancy.

The 1971 Launch party (held in conjunction with Dazed Digital) was held in the Brand's new flagship store, 10 Barrett St. It was fun, with music by We are Band and DJ sets from the Big Pink amongst others. There was an inordinate amount of male talent for some reason which was more than a little wonderful – even the Reiss security guy looked like a cross between Jesus Luz and George Clooney. I tried to get a photo of him for you to enjoy but it was not to be – he started strolling over to our gang and told me off (I loved it).

I managed to get some photos anyway, here they are:

Maria, Saz and Kate enjoy a glass of bubbly before eyeballing the clothes

Me and Maria (pouty, moi?!)


Reiss model lady. Ah, I used to have this haircut. Want it back methinks.

A jacket I want

Love this look

Yay! A woman with a crow on her head: fashion week really is here

Upstairs on the mens floor (just before I got told-off by the hottie)

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Reiss Scarlet dress said...

I wish i was there!!i would love to go to the next launch party!I love Reiss 2!!I've attached this beautiful dress i got the other day!its called Scarlet dress!Everybody seems to be going crazy about Reiss at the moment