Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Summer Memories 1: the Relentless Boardmasters Festival in Sunny Newquay

Oh Summer - 'tis all but over. What fun was had, so many parties frequented, so much outdoor fun always. Here I remember with longing through the medium of photography. Join me on a whirlwind tour of sunny fun. Friends and colleagues who want me to post pics on Facebook, you will probably find yourselves somewhere in this Summer Special-the 'Simple Uploader' is far, far too slow for me to be bothered with. "Slower than a slug wearing a rucksack" as my friend Claudia would say.

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Olivia Classey said...

Yey I'm so excited to see these pictures! Well worth the wait, they're hilarious. I seriously have no memory of most of them being taken though...the guys in fancy dress who on earth are they? I have no clue at all! Thanks Bi, you've got the bestest blog in town!xxx