Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Beat the Frizz

Weather can have disastrous effects on our hair (flyaways when it’s hot, anyone?) but the worst of the worst has to be rain-induced frizz. A friend of mine came and asked me what she could do about her unmanageable barnet so I put together a program for her. Thought you might like to see.

Step one: shampoo your hair as normal. Use an anti-frizz shampoo

Step two: condition your hair using an anti-frizz conditioner. Leave it on for at least two minutes and rinse fully. Finish with a cold rinse

Step three: towel dry and apply a heat-protective anti-frizz serum to the lengths and ends of your hair

Step four: Dry your hair as normal

Step five: Finish by rubbing a very small amount of serum between your palms and lightly smooth over the surface of your dry hair (start from the back of your head and work forwards)

Step six: Use an intensive conditioning treatment once a week.

My favourite frizz-fighting products at the moment:

(Top to bottom)

-Fish Swish Fish Silky Smoothing Cream £3.99 A Pro Vitamin B5 smoothing cream to add thickness and shine www.boots.com

-John Frieda Frizz-Ease serum £5.99 www.boots.com

-Lush Retread Conditioner £8.60 www.lush.co.uk a silky weekly treat for your barnet

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