Thursday, 2 December 2010

Wrap Your Nails

The trend for nail art is only going to get bigger. WAH nails ( is tending to thousands of fashionable fingertips and nail wraps, originally championed by the metallic digits of Rhianna and Katy Perry (, are now all the rage with us normal-uns too. I bought some DIY smurf-blue wraps from Sephora ( when I was in Poland but had very little success (not aided by the fact that they didn’t come with any instructions). The effect was akin to one I achieved when seven; when I decided to put stickers on my face, ears and nails. I gave it another chance with Nail Rock (you can buy packs from

Nail Rock wraps come in some seriously funky patterns (leopard print, lacy etc.) or the popular plain metallic. Apparently applying heat is key when it comes to their application (who knew?!) and one Sunday night in front of my favourite Come Dine With Me marathon, I gave it a go. I like the craft-aspect of these things, sitting and cutting each nail-shaped section to fit my teeny little nail beds. You have to buff your nails to make them stick properly and then apply the heat (a travel hairdryer is apparently ideal). This made them stick. Then I had to file away any edges that hung over. This didn’t work too well; I think you need to use a pretty hardcore nail file. The overall effect was pretty cool though and this would look great on a night out. Personally, though, I wasn’t too keen on the feeling of having something totally foreign bonded to my nails (needless to say I’m not a fan of acrylics or anything like that either). I found the wraps came loose very quickly but perhaps I didn’t apply them properly. I think I’d advise visiting a professional first so you can watch how they do it before attempting the same thing at home. Will try again soon and let you know how I get on.

In the meantime here’s a picture of the final result (it worked better on my toes than on my fingers).

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