Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Activities

Ah I love the Christmas holidays; the smell of the tree, the constant munching ('Muuuummm where's the chocolate?!') the chance to watch Come Dine With Me on repeat (until everything narrator Dave Lamb says makes you chuckle helplessly). It's all good. Sometimes, though, it can get a little, well, samey. Here are some Christmas TV-alternatives I like to experiment with:

1. Stroke/cuddle/coo at the dog. He's unnaturally glossy because of this all of this additional affection.

2. Draw on the front cover of magazines which are lying around. I'm actually really proud of this doodle that I did on Sofia Coppola's face/arm.

3. Annoy Mum by getting involved in her festive baking. I made this unintentionally Simpsons-like creature. We made traditional angel and star shapes too but these have mostly been eaten (dunking them in tea is very, very satisfying).

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