Friday, 4 February 2011

Love Blossoms by Mulberry

Mulberry has collaborated with digital artist Daniel Brown, one of Creative Review’s ‘Stars of the New Millennium’, to create ‘Love Blossoms’ - a unique piece of digital art celebrating ‘the seasonal fervour for floral fantasies.’

Daniel has created a digital flower that appears to grow in front of you. The design is such that each flower grows uniquely, ‘choosing’ its own organic shape as it would in nature. The artist says ‘no two blooms are ever the same.’

Visitors can visit the site, choose a seasonal Mulberry pattern (with access to two extra prints if they log in using their Facebook or Twitter accounts) and send the flower ‘seed’ to their Valentine (or, in my case, their mate!). The recipient then gets an email on February 14th with a link to see their unique seed grow and flower.

Mulberry’s ‘Love Blossoms’ page will be live from February 7th.

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