Tuesday, 4 December 2012

KMS California is Back!

I first started using KMS products a few years back, my favourite being their moisture repair conditioner (heavenly scent, glossy results). After turning 35 last year, the brand decided to have a little make-over. It now has a bold, fashion-forward new look and had ‘re-emerged into the spotlight’ with 12 amazing new products.

To celebrate their relaunch, the KMS team devised an exciting 2013 campaign; 'Obsessed with Freedom of Style'. A full production crew plucked nine (relatively) normal Normans from the streets of LA and then paired them up with elite KMS global stylists and shot them in a studio setting. The photos and video look great, I have included some here (they were shot by Sven Jaconsen).

I was lucky enough to go and meet the KMS team at the Good Housekeeping Institute last week. I chose my favourite look from the brand’s Pinterest account and my lovely stylist got to work. I selected an elegant up-do with lots of volume at the crown. Here’s how to achieve my look:

-Spray your (dry) hair with sea salt spray and rough dry with a hairdryer for volume
- Repeat this three times for maximum volume on fine hair
-Section off the crown and us a brush to back comb at the back of the head. This creates volume and a solid foundation for the hair grips and pins
-Use a comb for tighter backcombing at the crown (where you want a bit more volume)
-Pull hair to one side, pin vertically and then move it back on itself so it becomes a wide chignon
-Spray with some dry wax and then follow with some medium hold hairspray
-Add a pretty hair accessory (mine is from Johnny and Rosie)

I loved my new hair! It was a shame not to take it on a night out but alas my sofa was calling my name. Probably the most glamour my living room has ever seen.

Since the event, I have been trying out some KMS products. I have been particularly impressed with the HAIRPLAY Dry Way (RRP £14.35) which is an awesome reviver on 2-day old hair. Just spray it all over, then tip your head over and blast it with the hairdryer – instant volume instantly. After washing, I have been spritzing my locks with FREESHAPE Hot Flex Spray (RRP £16.45) before blowdrying and tonging/straightening it. A few people have said how nice my hair smells! Surely a good result.

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