Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Clothes Show Live 2012

Clothes Show Live launches with Daisy Lowe and Henry Holland on Friday 7th – Tuesday 11thDecember

I last when to the Clothes Show as a fledgling fashionista, I bumbled around the stands with teenaged eyes and dodgy bootcut jeans. I can hardly believe that this is the Clothes Show’s 24th year! At 27, I made my return and even dragged my Mum along for the ride.  

There were lots more clothing stalls than I remembered; if you like fashion then this really is the place for you. Some of the clothes were quite ‘young’, and I did feel that in some cases quality was compromised in favour of quantity. This may just be because my tastes have evolved a bit over the years! Lots of great high street brands were represented (I spotted New Look and Oasis amongst them) and there were even some celebrity guests; stylist Grace Woodward and Peter Andre to name a couple. Mum and I nearly got crushed by the hundreds of girls clamouring to spot Peter. On the Clothes Show Susuki Fashion Theatre, I spotted Henry Holland, my friend Jade (who won Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model) and the ever-gorgeous BB.

The show itself was fantastic; as energetic and exciting as I remembered from my first visit, all those years ago. There was a sort of ‘Devil Wears Prada’ theme, with a bobbed model representing Anna Wintour. We had great seats, right in front of the stage – the perfect place to see all those hunky models and lovely clothes close up.

Later in the day, I caught up with Clothes Show veteran and Head of Educational Content, Caryn Franklin to ask her the secret of the show’s continued success. ‘Everybody loves a bit of a festival, and this was the first festival in a way. We always understood the power of fashion and music and bringing the community together.’

Caryn explained that they were unprepared for the first Clothes Show Live – it had been promoted on the television program and they hadn’t expected such a large turn-out at Olympia. ‘Horrified’ at the hoards of people queuing up, they learned their lesson and promptly moved on to the NEC the following year!

What does the Clothes Show mean today?
‘It still offers people that chance to immerse themselves, for a day in the potential of fashion. It’s also the biggest shopping mall in the world!’

Peter Andre gets mobbed

Jelly Pong Pong

The So Bar

Lee Stafford represents

Interested in colourful hair!

Mum checks out the Steamcream stand

A fashion show on the Diet Coke catwalk

Me and Mum get excited about the show!

Grace Woodward and Henry Holland host the show

BB was my favourite male model

LOVED this dress!

The face of Clothes Show Live 2012 - Daisy Lowe

Mum gets some Beautiful Brows

New Look's comp

My friend Laura presents with Caryn Franklin on the Style Studio stage

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