Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Luxury VS Budget Part 2

Feeling inspired from my success with the Nars Orgasm-replacements (I’m aware of the irony), I decided to see what else I could find to replace the more expensive items in my make-up bag.

Instead of Chanel Automatic Liquid Eyeliner, £25.00,
Try W7 Paint the Line Eyeliner, £4.95 http://www.fragrancedirect.co.uk or Boots 17 Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner - Tattoo Me, £4.99 http://www.boots.com/en/17-Semi-Permanent-Liquid-Eyeliner-Tattoo-Me_1279175/

Both of these eyeliners are worthy adversaries to a product which is ludicrously expensive for what it actually is and does. As I wear black liquid eyeliner every day of my life, I used to think that paying more meant better quality, but both of these budget liners stay on longer than the Chanel one. I have especially greasy lids too (lovely, I know) so you can trust me when I say that both the W7 and the Boots 17 versions stayed on all day and didn’t transfer. Good deep blacks too.

Instead of YSL Dessin Du Regard Long-Lasting Eye Pencil, £19.00
Frontcover Black Kohl Pencil with Smudger, £8

I’ve thought for a while now that paying full whack for a simple kohl pencil is a bit pointless and switched to a Rimmel one a few years ago. Pay a few more pounds, and you really can tell the difference. This rich, highly pigmented Frontcover kohl liner is the perfect way to get that Kate Moss rock-chick look in seconds. The smudger comes in really handy too.

Instead of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, £25.00,
Try Elizabeth’s Daughter the Soothing and Glossing Balm, £8.00 www.elizabethsdaughter.co.uk

Less sticky that the Elizabeth Arden version, but just as nourishing. I use this balm to condition my lips and any dry skin. It contains Apricot Butter and Rose Hip Seed Oil. Gorgeous.

Instead of a Dolce and Gabbana Monica lipstick, £24.50 Harrods, try A.K.A lipsticks, £7.50 www.akacosmetics.com

And the things I’d never scrimp on?

Skincare (Murad is my favourite at the moment), Perfume (currently using Narciso Rodriguez Her and lusting after Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir) and foundation (always Mac Matchmaster).


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