Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Chap Magazine 4th Grand Anarcho Dandyist Ball

I have lived in London for over eight years now, and in that time, I have been lucky enough to attend some pretty exciting events. The Chap Magazine 4th Grand Anarcho Dandyist Ball, however, was on a different spectrum.  

Held at the stunning Bloomsbury Ballroom, some of the most incredibly turned out people in Britain attended. The ladies were powdered and preened to perfection, the chaps were charming and in tweed or smart suits. After what feels like a lifetime of dressing down, spending three hours getting ready was actually really fun. We didn’t want to let the side down, as the invitation read; “dress code: eccentric, eclectic, electric, esoteric. Anyone arriving in Polyester will be politely asked to stand near a naked flame and handed some tweed.” After much sweaty deliberation, I decided on a Reiss dress with a vintage sash, red leather courts and my Nan’s beautiful silver clutch.

There was entertainment a-plenty Flirtini Sisters were on hand to offer bold relationship advice (I pursued a handsome barman with aplomb) and a man (not the barman, sadly) later offered to talk me out of my dress – ooh-er.

Music was provided by the Gonzo Dog-do Bar Band

“What’s a Cockney’s favourite shampoo, and how much does it cost?” A cheeky Black Market gangster crooned.

“Pantene!” Shrieked a glamorous reveller. 

This offered to sell us Camel cigarettes but warned that they might “Give you the hump”.

One thing that really set this party apart was the ‘gung-ho’ spirit of its guests. We spoke to some lovely people and everyone took photo requests for what they were; a compliment. I’ll leave scuzzy Shoreditch and boring Clapham, thanks, I’m not going out until the 5th Grand Anarcho Dandyist Ball. Anything else would be a disappointment.

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