Thursday, 31 January 2013

Barbara's Skin Tips

Barbara Olioso is a green chemist Green Chemist at Forest Secrets Skincare. She knows so much about skincare! I asked her for her top 10 skin tips:
  1. Cut down on sugar, replacing it with a natural substitute like xylitol. Sugar is responsible of glycation a process that "burns" your collagen out
  2. Take a good omega 3 oil supplements, essential for strengthening and protecting the skin barrier and great for the brain too
  3. Exfoliate your skin regularly, i.e. once a week. Dead skin cells are like dead leaves interfering with your skin and making it look dull
  4. Compensate the drying effects of central heating by using a good facial oil at night
  5. Cleanse your skin regularly to keep the skin in its optimal.  We shed 3-4 grams of skin each day, plus all the dirt and grime of the atmosphere - the skin is a living organ, it needs to breathe!
  6. Protect your skin from free radicals and oxidation by using a product with good antioxidants, there are a few good ones on the market that have proven antioxidant activity; such as my own Forest Secrets iRejuvenate Plus Elixir
  7. Stay away from dermal fillers and "freezing" face procedures. You are better off with a facial fitness regime - like Face Yoga - to tone your face muscles
  8. Avoid products that use petrolatum and silicones, they create a film that suffocates your skin. Always read the ingredients list
  9. Detoxify your skin with a good herbal supplement. I love Burdock root for this
  10. Smile! It exercises more face muscles than frowning, and it stimulates endorphin productions - the feel good hormone!

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