Monday, 14 April 2014

Future Psyclepath?

If the phrase ‘high intensity’ inspires excitement more than fear, then Psycle is the perfect exercise class for you. I had never been spinning before, so had little to compare it to, but it was very different to anything I had done before. 

I was impressed with the Psycle surroundings; everything about the gym felt modern and luxurious. The staff were friendly and helpful and the locker room had hair elastics (neon!) nice products and handy cosmetic essentials for you to use. I know it shouldn’t, but these little touches really help ease you in!

Slightly nervous, I wobbled my way down the stairs to the studio. Before each class you are assigned a bike number (I was 10) and I was marginally horrified to find myself front of the class. This was handy as a beginner, but it was easy for instructor Ruth to see when I was slacking (a fair amount of the time). The lights are low, with funky disco lights and loud, amazing tracks. I find music really helps when I exercise, and those pumping tunes helped me get through what I found to be a rather rigorous class. Psycle is ‘a total body workout on a bike’ and is designed to ‘physically and mentally transform your body’. Their blog is fab, well worth a browse:

I can easily see how Psycle could become completely addictive – I prefer my exercise short and sharp so it suited me down to the ground in this respect. Each class is 45 minutes long. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find it extremely difficult at the time (I could be fitter, if we’re honest) but I didn’t ache too much the next day and felt really great afterwards. In short, Psycle lives up to the hype. Give it a try! 

Top Tips for Beginner Pscylists 

-You don’t need a padlock – the lockers are self-locking
-Take water, you’ll definitely be needing this
- You will be given Psycle shoes, take these off before you go into a studio downstairs. Much safer
-There are towels in the locker room, but you don’t need to take one downstairs; these are also provided on the bikes. 

-The Itsu opposite offers half price food half an hour before closing time; you can have a tasty, healthy meal after your workout (I did!)

76 Mortimer Street

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