Thursday, 3 April 2014

MYZINE: A New Generation of E-Mags

I have always been a bit ‘E-Mag’ sceptic; I stare at a screen (at least) all day, so why would I choose to browse a magazine in that way too? Surely lying on bed with a big fat glossy is far more pleasing? It was only the recent launch of ‘MYZINE’ which made me more open minded. 

As well as flicking through print magazines, I do like looking at fashion blogs, but the time I lose skipping from blog-to-blog is scary; I slip into a big e-hole which can be tricky to escape. MYZINE seems to have the answer. Various fashion bloggers can create their own shoppable magazines and share them on MYZINE (as well as their own blogs and social media outlets). They simply submit content to MYZINE and the teams in-house designers will bring the bloggers’ ideas to life, taking on board any creative direction from the blogger. 

Unleash your inner fashionista and you could win £1000 in cash and have your own MYZINE published. To enter, simply send you favourite self-styled pics. For more details, visit:

Will I cease all print magazine subscriptions? No, but I will definitely start dedicating more of my online time to looking at E-mags like MYZINE; there’s more than enough fashion content to go round and I don’t want to miss any of it! The fact you can shop from every article is both dangerous and compelling.

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