Saturday, 7 March 2009

Best of the Rest: Forgotten London Fashion Week Photos A/W '09

Some random little snaps I took throughout Fashion Week-I didn't want them to be forgotten!

A funky necklace at Les Nerides

The line-up: Bora Aksu's fabulous navy/black shredded goth

More Bora

Still more Bora

Mmm coordinating geometric jewellery: the brooch is Giles for New Look-the first collection according to the model, Christina Sanders of

A funky light shade in the Vauxhall Fashion Scout tent (killing time? Hell yeah)

The Blow girls looking lovely as ever

Loved this illustration from jewellery duo Zoe and Morgan

Definitive credit crunch glam from Avsh Alom Gur

Avsh again-check out that ballerina print-sublime

Beautifully ethereal hair and make-up

Bows were less restrictive, more big and floppy

How 'Alexa' is this coat?

Trapping stuff in perspex: great concept, lickable pieces at Nicholas King

A zebra in heels at Beyond Skin's exhibition stand

Friendly Fires, hot and sweaty, get down and dirty

An adorable outfit discovered in the Mulberry loo queue

Pre-Mulberry outfit check

Tory Turk from Fluff PR wearing a piece by one of the eco designers

Dishevelled hair and make-up at Harriet's Muse

the designer dresses one of her 'muses'


Christina Sanders said...

Love you're mulberry outfit! Where is that dress from?

Much love Christina xxx

Cassiopeia said...

Adore the les nereides and nicholas king necklaces. yum. thanks for sharing.


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Helen-LG said...

Some great pics, although I have to confess - initially I mistook the ballerinas for apples! D'oh!

Helen-LG said...

p.s. I'd be jealous of how all over fashion week you were if it weren't for the fact I know I just don't have the stamina!

John said...

I would LOVE to see some better photos of the bangles made from resin!