Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Collectable Few: Video Shoot

When I heard that The Collectable Few were filming their first music video just up my street I was tempted enough to leave my bed. Quite impressive after about a week's going out on the trot.

The band filmed the video in a creepy old building. They looked and sounded great-after listening to their song for so many takes I thought I would hate it but still don't!

The Collectable Few's debut single, 'Missing Out' will be released at the end of May.


Armed with a bag of beers and my little camera, it was time to see what this filming business was all about:

Alex plays his part

The band's manager Badger looks on

Get that shot

Okay so it got a little boring between scenes! In case anyone was wondering, THIS is what I look like in Ray-Bans!

Emma picks a different tune

Emma being fire-hazard responsible

No jokes about being left on the shelf necessary

Candy works a ruff

It was always going to be a long night!

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