Monday, 30 March 2009

Snapshots From Barcelona

Hola! Back now-Barcelona was such a wonderful city-there was so much to see and do. I was seriously aided by my Wallpaper City Guide (seriously, they are only £4.95 and each city is a different colour-Barcelona was hot pink!) which had so many stylish suggestions for things to see and do. It saved our bacon on a number of occasions.

I had intended to do some 'street style' type posts but was rather uninspired with what kids were wearing on the street-a problem for a 'street style' feature, obviously.
Perhaps it was the strange 'middling' weather (neither really hot nor very cold) that they found challenging-obviously Brits are completely adept to this, being used to creatively layering-up for rubbish climes. Either way, everyone I saw kind of dressed the same-perfectly nicely but the same. If anyone has any suggestions of where to find great, wild fashion in Barcelona, I will happily return to stand corrected! Maybe a sort of Barcelona Pony Step? Believe me, I would love to go back there.

Below are some of my favourite 'random spots' from the trip.

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Eddie said...

motivation to make it back to Spain, which I don't think would take much. I'm already planning a return trip there