Saturday, 14 March 2009

St. Patrick's Day: Patrick Wolf at Heaven, March 12th

Patrick Wolf has such a magical quality about him that your eye is surprised to see legs in place of half a horse below his lean torso. A true storyteller, I was pleased to hear that his new album holds songs in keeping with the magic of his previous three. Stunning strings supported Patrick’s different musical and vocal efforts.

There were enough costume changes to rival J-Lo, from a spiky jacket at the beginning to the finest leather harness at the end. A slow strip (removing an item per song) showcased each one to perfection. Blonde hair extensions were played with then thrown into the crowd.

The new album ‘The Bachelor’ (set to be released June 1st) is darker and a little rockier. Songs included typically intriguing lyrics (I particularly liked: ‘never the maker, never the master of me’) and the new addition of electric guitar. The upcoming single, ‘Vulture’ was energetic and catchy. The Wolf also played crowd pleasers ‘Magic Position,’ ‘Accident & Emergency’ and the always rousing ‘Tristan.’

Anyone who claims men can’t multi-task is an outright liar: Patrick Wolf played a range of different instruments, sang, danced, engaged the crowd and modelled like a pro the whole way through. The only time he took a bad photo was when the gleaming dome of the man standing in front of me was accidentally captured-and that was my fault!

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