Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Liz Earle Skincare Book

Fact: the fashion and beauty industry lies to make you buy things you don’t need. I can deal with this but what I can’t stand is when they prey on our insecurities to make us buy things we don’t need. The prime example of this? Skincare products. ‘This cream may reduce signs of ageing’ yes it might, or it may not do sweet fanny adams. We all know that a bit of cream in nice packaging will not make you look noticeably younger. Even the really expensive ones may make you skin glow, make you look a bit healthier but, here’s the thing: no product can actually prevent ageing. Just when I thought I might be on the verge of causing a major scene in the skincare section of Boots, I attended the launch of Liz Earle’s new book, ‘Skin Secrets.’

Liz Earle scoured the globe to find new and exciting botanicals to put into her various creams and cleansers and wrote all about it in her new book. As I received a lovely hand and arm massage, the lovely Tracey explained all about the brand-she said that while Liz Earle understands that no magic potion will prevent aging, it is important to look after your skin and feeding it well from the inside helps (I put down my champagne and gulped the last of my mini chocolate cupcake) exercise also helps (hmm) and using products with natural ingredients will too. Yes, yes but let’s try out the products I was given and see, shall we?

So far I am enjoying the ritual of using Liz’s award-winning Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft. The Superskin Concentrate is nice-it contains neroli oil which I like (I used to use the Decleor one before abject poverty took its toll) , it is also for use at night which I really like-minimum effort, maximum outcome. The Superskin Moisturiser is a little rich for my skin (I am but 23 years so don’t really need anything quite so rich) but I think it would work a treat on dry or ageing skin. Its fragrance free which some people might prefer (me, I love a scent or two).

Am I converted? Certainly to the cleanser. Much as I whine, I am still a true product whore and this will probably only get worse as I age and (hopefully) start to earn more cash. Obviously, by the time I reach thirty there will be a miracle cure for ageing and everyone will live forever but until that day comes, good maintenance, a lot of pretty products and a healthy bout of realism constitute my skincare regime.

Liz's book

Lovely arm massages

Olivia and Saz enjoy the yummy drinks and nibbles

Liz with flowers

Didn't know my buddy Alexander was in the book!

And again!


Sarah Edwina Rose said...

Ah you put the photo up where I had a mouth full of some sort of canape haha

That cleanser is amazing, haven't tried the moisturisers yet, maybe tonight

Jamie Fullerton said...

I think I'll need some of that after this week.

I've got a new blog, check it out - www.cliqueapplicationform.blogspot.com - put a link in yours and let the kids know would ya.

Hope all's cool in London x

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