Tuesday, 31 March 2009

C & A: a Long Lost Love

When you were in your ‘tweens’ where did you go for disco-wear? I lived in Belgium at this time and the best clobber was to be found in the Clockhouse section of C & A. Back and back I went, finding something great every time-fluro green polo shirt? Found it there. In retrospect a most risqué crop top? Clockhouse!

I was damn near distraught when it closed, comforted only when I moved to Blighty and found places such as Tammy Girl and Miss Selfridge. I sought solace in the tack racks but I could never quite dislodge the memory of the wonder of C & A or, as my dear Nan used to call it, ‘Coats and ‘Ats.’ Imagine my pleasure and surprise to find a branch opposite our hotel in Barcelona! Hungover to hell, we stumbled across the road to have a look. A decade on, I could still find some great pieces: I bought a pair of white leather loafers for 30 Euros (Alexa Chung chic) and a load of great jewellery too. Okay so I may have looked a little strange in some of the Clockhouse bits but the shoes and accessories were great.

My lovely (thin like a tween) friend Nicola found a whole Coats and ‘Ats outfit: a fab little casual rock-chick T-shirt and a pair of well-fitting jeans. I had to take the loafers back in the end (I remembered that I was not quite as cool as Alexa and cannot, therefore carry off an ugly shoe with ‘nerd-chic’ aplomb!) but I loved my butterfly earrings! Bring it back, bring it back! Pics below:

The loot

Butterfly earrings for less than 5 quid!

Nicola's C&A chic


Christina Sanders said...

One of my fave ever vintage finds is a black and gold larme top for C&A. Very Bet Lynch, but very fabulous. There was one in Berlin too but I didn't think to go in - wish I had - I love those white loafers, shame they didn't work for you x

Jamie Fullerton said...

I remember going to C&A with the Pals and desperately wanting a black t-shirt with 'The Mask' on it, during the height of Jim Carrey's fame. At the time I was wearing a lot of Bart Simpson-related clothing.